Why You Should Participate in WBC Connect 2020

WBC has a history of bringing the international brewing community together to advance its science and technologies every four years. This year, WBC Connect 2020 provides a space for the international brewing community to come together again to move the industry forward. If you value sharing proven techniques and evaluating the latest technologies related to brewing, you should participate in WBC Connect 2020. This online format enables you to participate in both live and on-demand sessions during the meeting with access to information after the meeting. This flexibility helps guarantee that WBC Connect 2020 will be one of the major highlights of your brewing education this year. 

What’s in it for you? 

  • Access to world-class technical knowledge, presented by the industry’s best thought leaders
  • Opportunities to connect with your peers and network with potential new partners
  • Education on the cutting-edge science that will shape the future of brewing

What’s different (in a good way) this year? 

  • Reduced price due to fully virtual format
  • Three-week schedule, which provides more time and flexibility to digest new information and go at your own pace
  • On-demand access to all the content after the meeting ends

What shouldn’t be missed: 

  • Opening Speaker Pete Kraemer, Chief Supply Officer, AB InBev
  • Closing Speaker Keith Villa, CERIA Brewing Co.
  • The COVID-19 Panelists (to be announced)
  • 40 Sessions
  • 124 Posters
You will leave WBC Connect 2020 with useful knowledge and new ideas that you can put to work right away at your brewery. You can make key industry connections that will propel your career forward. And you will be encouraged by friends and competitors alike, who will push you to improve your brewing process and advance the field to the benefit of the industry as a whole. We’re more than excited to see you online starting September 18. That is, if you register, of course. Do it now​