​​​​Core Concepts

WBC Core Concepts are attendee-only webinars designed to help participants enhance their knowledge and prepare for the 2024 congress.


  • Core Concepts: Malting Technology & Processes

Thursday, July 18 ● 11:00 AM Eastern/10:00 AM Central

This webinar will provide an overview of the malting process from barley intake to finished malt quality with a goal of providing foundational knowledge about malting technology. Attendees will learn about the three main steps of malting (steeping, germination, and kilning), definitions of key terms, and the impacts of process on the biochemical pathways that take barley to malt. ​

  • Core Concepts: Navigating WBC​

Thursday, July 25 ● 11:00 AM Eastern/10:00 AM Central

Gain insights into what to expect at the World Brewing Congress and how to make the most out of your experience while at WBC. You’ll hear pro-tips from Sylvie Van Zandycke, ASBC President, and Laura Burns, Master Brewers Technical Committee Chair, about their first-hand experiences, and learn about the scientific program, networking opportunities and how to best prepare for this global business event. ​

  • Core Concepts: Research Partnerships for Breweries and Universities

Thursday, August 8​ ● 11:00 AM Eastern/10:00 AM Central

This webinar will answer the questions:

• What is research? 

• What is a research project? ​

• Why would a university partner with a brewery or organization? 

• Why should a brewery engage in research?

Our speakers will describe the research process, including typical commitments from both the academic and brewery perspective, what to expect during the experience, and the impact the research project will have on your organization. This webinar aims to give brewers the confidence and baseline knowledge to approach a university and research team to solve a problem or explore innovative ideas. ​​

Unable to attend the live webinar? Recordings will be available for registrants to view before the congress and will be part of WBC Rewind afterward. WBC Rewind is free for attendees and will feature session recordings, slide decks, posters, exclusive podcast episodes, and the Core Concepts.

WBC Rewind

Revisit scientific sessions,​technical oral presentations, and more from World Brewing Congress 2024 with the all-new WBC Rewind!

WBC Rewind will be available in October 2024 and includes the following*: ​

  • ​​Audio recordings from scientific sessions and technical session presentations

  • Slide decks from scientific sessions and technical session presentations

  • PDFs of posters

  • Photo Album featuring moments from the conference

  • Exclusive podcast episodes featuring one-on-one interviews with industry experts

  • Core Concept recordings

Access to WBC Rewind is included with your WBC registration.

Didn't attend WBC 2024?​
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  • Nonmembers can purchase access for $79

*All recordings, slide decks, and posters will be limited to those who provide permission for use.​