At the World Brewing Congress and its 2024 venue, the Minneapolis Convention Center (MCC), sustainability is not just a buzzword – it's an expectation. ​

Minneapolis Convention Center Sustainable Efforts:​

  • MCC boasts several sustainability awards in addition to many specific features. MCC proudly offsets 100% of its energy usage through the use of 2,613 rooftop solar panels, exemplifying a commitment to on-site green-sourced energy and a cleaner, more sustainable future. 

  • In water conservation efforts, MCC diverts an estimated 5.4 million gallons of runoff rainwater annually, redirecting it for facility irrigation, while upgraded fixtures in kitchens and restrooms use 50% less water. 

  • Its waste management practices include front-of-house recycling stations, enabling attendees to recycle various materials and back-of-house waste centers that allow staff and attendees to recycle over 60% of all waste. 

  • Additionally, all single-use food containers and utensils used on-site are compostable, contributing to up to 4 tons of donated food each year. The MCC further embraces resourceful repurposing, utilizing up to 160 tons of organics and food scraps for hog feed and composting, and recycling used grease for biodiesel and soap.

Your Role in Sustainability

We encourage all attendees to support our sustainability initiatives by taking simple yet impactful actions. 

  • Help us minimize single-use plastics by opting for reusable alternatives when possible. 

  • We encourage attendees to bring their reusable water bottles. Water stations will be conveniently located throughout the venue to ensure easy access and commitment to sustainability. ​

  • In our commitment to a paperless experience, we encourage you to minimize print handouts during the conference and make efforts to recycle materials appropriately.​ Utilize the WBC 2024 mobile app to access the full program schedule and customize your experience. ​

    Photo Credit: Lane Pelovsky, Courtesy Of Meet Minneapolis

WBC is hosted by the American Society of Brewing Chemists and Master Brewers Association of the Americas, with active participation by Brewery Convention of Japan, European Brewery Convention, and Institute of Brewing and Distilling